Birds Guide Application

Birds Guide Application

The client approached us with a requirement to develop a mobile application that could facilitate the Birders to navigate remote locations and get details regarding the Habitat, Illustrations, Nest and details regarding their eggs. The client primary requirement was the 1 GB+ encrypted database to be stored offline on the device that provides the Birders an uninterrupted viewing experience without any Internet bindings.


The primary aim of this application was to provide the Birders a humongous list of birds to view based on the Birders surrounding. The 1 GB+ data was supposed to be downloaded initially and then stored on devices in encrypted format. The application would run-time decrypt data while using application ensuring device performance.


The challenge was to decrypt data run time with the key obtained from 2-way authentication using Google LVL and algorithm running on Client’s server’s space. Moreover, downloading & extracting  1 GB+ of data ensuring smooth UI/UX experience was challenging part. The another challenging component was developing many custom view component to provide better user experience and support almost all the Android devices with QVGA to HD display.


  • View different bird species & family information
  • View birds images , illustration, maps & sounds
  • View and compare birds side by side
  • Identify birds based on their species, location, sound, family & habitat
  • Mark birds as favorite and store in separate lists to view them later
  • Locate birds based on your surrounding
  • Provides suggestion related birds based on selected bird
  • Supports Offline Database, so that can be accessed in remote areas



Developed the complete mobile application for Android which is compatible with all screen size starting from small phones to Phablet and Tablet resolution.

  • APK Extraction mechanism
  • 2-way authentication from user to Google server and Application database
  • Google LVL
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Drive API
  • Google Expansion Library
  • Battery utilization due to constant GPS usage
  • Application UI/UX performance during run-time data decryption and encryption
  • Run-time data decryption mechanism for faster data access
Testing & Validation

Volansys QE team performed the following validation

  • Unit Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Negative Testing
  • End-End Testing