BSP Porting

USB-Ehci Driver For Pxe Boot Solutions
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USB-EHCI Driver For PXE Boot

USB-Ehci Driver For PXE Boot The client is a supplier of BIOS software supplier. The client wanted to create a USB based solution to install operating systems on the devices…

SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing Solutions For Linux Kernel
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SMP For Linux Kernel

SMP For Linux Kernel SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) has been extensively used in the PC world to increase performance and robustness of PCs. However, till date, this applied to the desktop…

Network Based Outdoor Media Player Product Engeering Solutions
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Network Based Outdoor Media Player

Network Based Outdoor Media Player Client was interested in designing small form factor network based media player which can support local playback as well as network playback with very less…

industrial grade camera design engineering solutions
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Industrial Grade Camera Design

Industrial Grade Camera Design The client was looking for a small form factor, battery operated, industrial grade camera. The application of this camera is to support in discovery and exploration…

Capacitive Touch LCD Device
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Capacitive Touch LCD Device Support on Android

Capacitive Touch LCD Device Support on Android The project included developing an add-on LCD board with capacitive touch capabilities, to be used with OMAP5 EVM for a premium 3rd party…

Android Porting Solutions
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Android Porting, Minimization And Hardening

Android Porting, Minimization and Hardening The customer provides virtual prototyping technology for embedded systems. Their mission is to reduce the time to market for system on chip (SoC) designs by…