Cloud QA & Validation Services


The tech-savvy world has started to evolve & maturing with cloud technology. We, at Volansys, provide testing, validation services & solutions including automation. We help you with Quality Engineering & validation of your cloud to help you with following:

  • Reduce your development cost
  • Allow you to focus on your core business
  • Optimize & standardizes testing practices
  • Create test environment & labs
  • Achieve faster time to market with effective testing


We are in the business of developing cloud based solutions for several years. Our expertise in IoT, embedded & software field makes us deep in the subject because we know the vulnerable points in cloud-based solutions. This helps us expose the ‘tough to find’ defects.


QA & Validation of Cloud for IoT Solution

If you are one of those companies that are into stuff like; Connected Devices and Wearables, we guess we would do well to interest you. We at Volansys, offers Quality Engineering services, Product Verification & Validation Services for Connected Devices & Wearables. We also specialize in Integrated Products Testing & Validation for Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Video surveillance, Security sensor, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, transportation and more.

We are proficient at Pre-Compliance Certification Testing, Product Certification and Compliance Testing Services with regulatory standards such as, Apple MFI and HIPAA, FCC, CE Certification.

Validation of Cloud Platform

We understand how complex & difficult it is to test a cloud platform – PaaS. Our team can help you test the platform for data integrity, functionality, availability & stability of network services, load testing, testing of service bus & message queues, clustered servers environment, media services & bandwidth testing. We can also help in simulating multi-application hosting environment.

Validation of Cloud Based Application

If you have a cloud based application, we can provide cloud application testing services by being your validation partner to manually test & also automate the application. We can help validate even the internal components of the cloud including persistent framework, MVC, data analysis layer, message queues, security aspects, rule engines, multi-tenancy, schedulers, alerts & notifications.

Automation of Cloud Testing

If you’ve a cloud based solution, we suggest automating testing. We have helped a number of customers automate testing. This includes the design of test framework, development of test cases for testing communication, web services & APIs, database connectivity, testing of message queues, Nest like integration & testing of modules. We also help customers automate QA, using mobile & desktop platforms. We can integrate testing processes to test management systems as well as reporting tools like JIRA & auto-generate test reports. We have successfully achieved more than 90% of code coverage.

Stability, Scalability & Performance Testing

We understand the importance of cloud stability when more than million devices connect with the cloud. We help you validate the stability of cloud by developing test cases & simulation environments that stress the cloud. We also develop test cases to validate the load balancing in multi-cluster multi-tier environments. Using test frameworks & tools we do load testing & performance of the cloud.

Validation of Interoperability between Clouds

A lot of companies have built their own clouds to manage the devices of their customers or to administer their software. It becomes challenging to establish well defined communication between the clouds. Most of the communication between cloud clusters happens using sockets & messages with APIs. We can help you test this kind of cluster testing with other clouds by developing test APIs, test points & insight testing.


Being in cloud development & validation for several years now, following are some of our technical expertise areas:
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Windows Azure, Google, ThingWorx
  • Databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Raven DB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Testing: Functional, System, Network, Integration, Performance, Load, Stress & Interoperability
  • Load testing tools: Loadrunner, JMeter, BlazeMeter, Tsung, Grinder, Load Storm
  • Network Testing Tools: WireShark, Snort,TCP dump, NetM, NetStress, Nessus, SolarWinds
  • Automation: Selenium, SOAP-UI, Custom Scripting
  • Test Management Systems: IBM Rational Quality Manager, HP Quality Center, TestRail & much more
  • Bug Tracking Tools: Jira, Bugzilla