ThingWorx System Integrator Program

ThingWorx Partners provide a wide variety of products and services throughout the entire IoT value chain – from software systems and cloud platforms to smart sensors, devices, gateways and system integration services that make the connected world a reality. The ThingWorx Partner Program allows System Integrators to enable their teams with expertise around the ThingWorx rapid application development platform greatly simplifying the architecture, implementation and deployment of IoT solutions. ThingWorx System Integrator partners reduce the cost and risk of Internet of Things deployments for end customers, helping accelerate the growth of the overall space.

Why are we partners?

We are System Integrator and VAR (Value-Added Reseller) partners for ThingWorx. And what is the motive behind this partnership? To bring revolutionary end to end solutions to customers of the IOT marketplace by clubbing together the unmatched scalability and security of ThingWorx platform and our top-class system integration capabilities.

As a certified partner with ThingWorx, we provide:

  • End to End cloud-based solutions for Connected Devices
  • Enable cloud-based solutions to the companies dealing in consumer electronics, medical & healthcare, oil & gas, transportation and industrial.
  • Cloud collaboration, integration, validation and testing services

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