Press Brake System With Hmi Terminal

The client wanted to make their Press brake system totally automated and highly accurate. Volansys developed user-friendly touchscreen controlled HMI, designed Multi-Axis Controller (MAC) and error free communication mechanism between HMI and MAC for Press Brake System to meet client need.


The aim of the project was to deliver highly accurate automated Press Brake control system by first understanding nuances of the Press Brake Machine and then addressing customer need by providing appropriate system solution that meets customer need.


The most challenging part was to understand the dynamics of electro-mechanical system and achieve required accuracy using custom built motion control hardware and firmware for Press Brake System. Common HMI development for all product variants was also a challenge.


  • The primary objectives of automation system are:
    • Control press brake & attached Back gauge via a Multi-Axis Controller
    • Provide an easy-to-use user interface for programming and controlling multi bend jobs on the press break
  • User friendly touch controlled Graphical User Interface – HMI
  • Highly accurate 3 axis motion control (X, Y and R axis) – MAC (Multi Axis Control)
  • Cable error detection of X, Y and R axis
  • Automatic calibration of all 3 axis on power on
  • HMI-MAC Communication error detection and recovery
  • Firmware upgrade through USB Flash drive
  • Automatic Motor stall detection and Alert, Emergency Stop button
  • Alarm mechanism to alert user for critical events
  • Multiple Job profile creation and an option to save profiles in USB flash drive
  • Parts counter – a fourdigit value to indicate user how many parts have been created for a particular profile


Volansys designed & developed a complete solution for Press Brake System by developing:

  • Custom hardware for Multi-Axis Controller using ARM Cortex M3 CPU based microcontroller
  • Multi-Axis Controller firmware development in C language
  • QT based HMI Application on Linux platform for Industrial PC
  • Following list shows our complete contribution: Understand technical parameters of electro-mechanical system of Press Brake System for electronics design
  • Designed & developed Multi-Axis Controller(MAC) module using Arduino-DUE
  • Designed & developed extended I2C bridge (XI2C) module using Microchip bridge controller MCP2221 for USB-to-I2C protocol converter
  • Designed single power supply based product
    • MAC module provide power supply to Multi-Axis Controller, XI2C Bridge controller and HMI touch screen display
  • Developed Multi-Axis Controller module firmware to control X, R & Y Axis
  • Designed and developed User Interface Controller (UIC) Applications on HMI
    • Middleware beck-end application on Linux Platform
    • GUI front-end application using QT software for user interaction
  • Define communication protocol between HMI and MAC
  • Design and develop firmware for MAC
  • Achieved 0.002 Inch accuracy for all 3 remote(X,R & Y) axis over I2C interface
  • Developed automation for all 3 axis long term unit testing and functionality testing without human interaction
  • Testing on actual Press Brake System
  • Address client need on feature improvement/addition