We are 8 years old, and we are celebrating!

We are 8 years old, and we are celebrating!

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Come Oct 10th 2015, Volansys is turning a bubbling young and dynamic organization of 8 years. All these 8 years have witnessed, challenges, learnings, fun, stress and a quick escalation in growth. We are big today, and stuffing in more bigness in ourselves.

Well, like any other big day, we are celebrating 10th Oct with flamboyancy and pomp. We are happy and we are ready to show this happiness in every manner possible. The whole Volansys family is celebrating the Annual day with fun, music, skits, programmes, food and a lot more!

We will be gathering together on the evening of 10th Oct and celebrating this awesome day in the most awesome manner.

We all are looking forward to it enthusiastically. It is going to be a gaga of frolic.

Ready to add another great memorable day in the history of Volansys!