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February 2017

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How to Achieve Continuous Software Delivery Using DevOps Tools and Methodologies

Acceptance of Agile methodologies has increased in the organization to enhance the delivery of software. Initially, it started in the development organization and then expanded its territories, namely in IT…

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GE’s Predix Platform a Revolution in Industrial IoT

The vast majority of the enterprises are now aware of the digital revolution that has been taking place for some time. But most of them couldn’t really take advantage of…

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Future is in Fog Computing

The rise and proliferation of Smart Things gave rise to a massive increase in the volume of digitally generated data. The limitations of current cloud computing have recently become a…

150 150 VOLANSYS

Automate Mobile Acceptance Testing using Calabash

The universe of Mobile Applications and its usage is on relentless expansion from a mere informative interface to heavy content management to 3D entertainment to dive into Internet of Things.…

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