Amazing Dewarping
360° Dewarping Solution

How many times have you wished, you could have just one camera for your entire factory floor?

And yeah, how many times yet, did you feel the need of installing another camera on the left corner in Fido’s play area?

IP cameras have seen an evolution of causes, directing their utilisation. From factory floor surveillance to security of pets and kids at home, installable cameras have witnessed popular usage.

Just one problem – No camera till date is capable of capturing FOV of more than 180 degrees. So, basically you need to have at least 2 such cameras installed tactfully if you want to get a 360-degree view.

360 Degree Dewarping

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  • It is portable and hence can be used with any processor / any platform
  • Library is written in C with extended wrappers for CPP, so it is easy to use with Android framework and QT
  • Linux desktop application is designed in QT, and mobile application is designed for iOS and other platforms
  • Supports multiple views, i.e. 2×1, 2×2 mosaic view, Single panoramic image view
  • Works on all resolution up to full HD
ccChecker Tool

The ccChecker tool consists of 2 components – the violation checker engine and the violation fixer engine. After you feed the configuration file to the tool, it is directed first to the violation checker engine, where the tool checks the file for coding guideline violations.

Errors are spotted out quickly and then the file is routed to the fixer engine (Separate module as part of offering). Here, the tool takes the violations into consideration and corrects some of the applicable coding guidelines automatically.

Finally, the tool produces a cumulated report, specifying the number of violations that had been found and their details.