Production Quality Control Using ML Featured
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Improve Production Line Quality using Machine Learning at the Edge

The industry 4.0 paradigm encourages the manufacturing industry to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies to improve industrial process, product quality, reduce…

Bluetooth LE Audio Featured
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Bluetooth LE Audio – The Game-Changing Wireless Audio Technology

Bluetooth is a key wireless technology penetrated most industries with various applications. The Bluetooth Special Interest Groups (SIG) community always enables innovative features including various mesh networks, the extended advertisement…

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Why HALT Testing and HASS Testing is Important in PDLC

Printed circuit boards are the backbone of any electrical and electronic device. The functioning of the device depends on the PCBs and it plays an important role in the reliability…

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Flutter v/s React Native: Choose the Right Framework for your Business Application

With the advancement of technology, our lives are becoming more and more confined to digital assets and here, the mobile application plays a very crucial role. In this connected world,…

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Comparing Top Cloud Platforms for MLaaS

Machine Learning has become a pioneer in the data-driven world. Most enterprises use Machine Learning and Data Analytics to better understand their target audience Share Machine Learning has become a…