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Data Augmentation and its Importance in Machine Learning

The quantity and variation of data are important for the performance of most ML models (e.g. deep learning neural network models). Thus, the training of the neural network models requires…

Wi-Fi-Spectrum-Comparison Featured
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Wi-Fi 6E: The Next Big Step Towards the Future of Connectivity

Wi-Fi has optimized the use of available unlicensed spectrum to deliver efficient and reliable connectivity of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Share Wi-Fi has optimized the use of available…

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Importance of DFM, DFT, and DFA in Product Design

In the product design lifecycle, mass manufacturing is done at the final stage of product release. There are several factors such as good design, minimum PCB assembly Share In the…

manufacturing ready product
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What to Consider When Making Your Product Ready for Manufacturing?

The journey from idea to market-ready product becomes significantly faster with the tightly integrated product engineering lifecycle for manufacturing. Share The journey from idea to market-ready product becomes significantly faster…

GitOps - The next big thing in DevOps
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Is GitOps the next big thing in DevOps?

10 years back, Puppet, an infrastructure and delivery automation company, published its first state of devops report. In all these years devops has completely transformed the way we design and…