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Regulatory standards compliance for electronic products imposed in different geographical regions

Globally, various regulatory compliance certifications are applicable to ensure operational requirements of any embedded/electronics product before launched in the market. The devices which are certified against mandatory regulations would stand…

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IoT Enabled Elevator System – A Big Lift Ahead in Smart Elevator Technology

Over the last decade, advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the Elevator market enormously. Proactive, condition-based analysis, predictive maintenance is possible in any type of elevator solution…

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Overcoming the challenges of IoT edge device security

The adoption of Edge computing is on the rise despite the COVID-19 pandemic having spurred fundamental disruption. Edge Computing enables real-time data processing at the edge, reducing the amount of…

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Audio Analytics – An important technology for autonomous cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will hold the key place in the huge transformation of the Automotive Industry by integrating it into designing autonomous cars. Together with other…

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Best Practices of Porting Android OS to Embedded Platforms

Android is the popular smartphone operating system and is taking over the tablet, Automotive, Smart TV, Wearables, Home Appliances, Gaming console market, etc. It offers distinct yet familiar experiences for…