GitOps - The next big thing in DevOps
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Is GitOps the next big thing in DevOps?

10 years back, Puppet, an infrastructure and delivery automation company, published its first state of devops report. In all these years devops has completely transformed the way we design and…

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Docker and The Rise of Containerization

Why do you need a docker? For instance, a code written in Python on your local system might not run on another system or environment. This is due to the…

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How Evolution from Agile to DevOps Accelerates Software Development

According to Grand View Research, the DevOps market is expected to reach $12.85 billion by 2025. In today’s “always-on” digital world, delivering high-performing applications or software with speed and agility…

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DevOps Best Practices

Traditional IT had two separate teams in any organization – the development team and the operations team. The development team works on the software, developing and releasing it after ensuring…

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Secure and Scalable CI/CD Pipeline with AWS

According to Gartner, a leading research company, worldwide public cloud revenue will grow by 17.3 percent in 2019. Total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches)…