Hardware Engineering

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Importance of DFM, DFT, and DFA in Product Design

In the product design lifecycle, mass manufacturing is done at the final stage of product release. There are several factors such as good design, minimum PCB assembly Share In the…

Cybersecurity in Medical Device
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Why is Cybersecurity Important for Medical Devices?

The increasing connectivity of medical devices to wearables and medical applications or software has exposed devices to cybersecurity threats and attacks. Any vulnerabilities in medical devices allow unauthorized users to…

High speed PCB Design
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Best Practices of Designing the High-speed Printed Circuit Board

Designing a high-speed board is an essential part of embedded applications. Nowadays, a printed circuit board (PCB) is designed in such a way that it should automatically meet the requirements…

5G-Characteristics Feature
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What Impact Will 5G IoT Use Cases Have in Healthcare?

The advent of 5G connectivity offers massive connection power that helps healthcare providers to deliver critical care on-demand. At present, 4G network and other communication technologies are widely used in…

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How 5G Technology is Revolutionizing the Digital Transformation journey of different Industries

The global 5g technology market is expected to reach $667.90 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 122.3% from 2021 to 2026. 5G is the latest mobile network, currently being…