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Data Augmentation and its Importance in Machine Learning

The quantity and variation of data are important for the performance of most ML models (e.g. deep learning neural network models). Thus, the training of the neural network models requires…

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How Machine Learning optimizes Supply Chain Management?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) has almost revolutionised the way different industries function. One such segment is Supply Chain Management. Share In recent years, Artificial Intelligence…

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Audio Analytics – An important technology for autonomous cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will hold the key place in the huge transformation of the Automotive Industry by integrating it into designing autonomous cars. Together with other…

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Machine Learning Model Analysis using TensorBoard

Machine Learning is growing by leaps and bounds with new neural network models coming up regularly. These models are trained for specific dataset, and are proven for accuracy and processing…

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AI/ML-enabled IoT Solution Platforms for OEMs – IoTify Cloud & CENTAURI 200 Gateway

IoT Gateways are emerging as an essential component in building a robust IoT solution. Nowadays, OEMs are more focused on developing next-generation IoT-connected solutions having much higher analytical capabilities, and so the…