Machine Learning

LSTM Application Featured
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Long Short Term Memory Networks: What It Is and How It Works?

Machine learning is a powerful technique that learns and improves from its experience by developing algorithms. Algorithms are programs that compute, access, and process input data and predict results. Share…

Production Quality Control Using ML Featured
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Improve Production Line Quality using Machine Learning at the Edge

The industry 4.0 paradigm encourages the manufacturing industry to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies to improve industrial process, product quality, reduce…

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Comparing Top Cloud Platforms for MLaaS

Machine Learning has become a pioneer in the data-driven world. Most enterprises use Machine Learning and Data Analytics to better understand their target audience Share Machine Learning has become a…

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5 Important Applications of Machine Learning in Networking

Rapidly rising demand for Internet connectivity has put a strain on improving network infrastructure, performance and other critical parameters. Network administrators have to encounter different types of network running multiple…

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Data Augmentation and its Importance in Machine Learning

The quantity and variation of data are important for the performance of most ML models (e.g. deep learning neural network models). Thus, the training of the neural network models requires…