Big Data Solutions and Services


Today, Big Data has become the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity due to the amount of data being captured, analyse & utilized. We provide the quick, well-managed and quality implementation of Big Data Solutions and Services including Predictive Analytics & Data Reporting.


Having experience of relational databases & NoSQL databases, we have gained the expertise in designing & delivering solutions having multiple databases as well as handling seamless Database migration Services.


Big Data based Solution

  • If you are designing a solution that requires distributed architecture & are expecting to grow database across the globe, we could be your technology partner to design the Big Data solution & deploy it. We have solution architects to get the quality job done while you can focus on your business.

Migrate to NoSQL Database

  • If you have a legacy solution that now requires to be migrated to a NoSQL database due to increasing growth of the database, we can help you manage & migrate the database to NoSQL database. We have experience of such migration in stages where systems are live with both databases co-existing.

Database Deployment & Administration

  • We have a team of experts to deploy & administer Big Data & NoSQL-based systems in case if you are looking for Big Data consultation to help you in deployment & administration.

Migrate Solution to Containers

  • We also have experience of migrating existing software to container based solutions like Docker. We can help migrate & manage the existing database without impacting on your users.


  • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, RavenDB, CouchBase, CouchDB, ORACLE, MySQL, MS-SQL
  • Queering Tools: Hive, Pig, JSON query, SPARQL
  • Analysis and Reporting: Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, ETL Tool
  • Optimization Techniques: Map – Reduce, Indexing, Data sharding
  • Database Services: Sharding, Sequencing, Data Buffering, Backup and Monitoring