Design Validation And Compliance Testing
Why Performance Testing is Important?
Categories: Design Validation And Compliance Testing

Why there is so much fuss about application testing among developers? Well, the main reason can easily be attributed to the indomitable role performance testing that plays in the success of the applications and solutions. The performance testing services should also complete their task within the stringent timeframe for the development task. So, ensuring highly […]

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QA Automation
How Selenium is useful in Automation?
Categories: QA Automation

Selenium has evolved as one of the most popular automated testing tool for a variety of apps and websites ensuring a flawless user experience. Selenium can address the constant changes incorporated into apps and websites with a variety of browsers they are supposed to work on.

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Connected App
Next Gen: Augmented Reality – A Technical Reality to “Mobilize” the World
Categories: Connected App

Augmented reality (AR) is already on the tech horizon and is all set to change the next generation of solutions, with a sleuth of possibilities. Mobile users are going to enjoy & witness how augmented reality will bring “even more smart” & powerful solutions in their hands & heads, literally. 

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DevOpsSoftware Engineering
Unleash The Power of Agile
Categories: DevOpsSoftware Engineering

Software project management is a field involving many complications. An array of methodologies is there besides an equally broad range of software options, varying exceptions, and team member roles. Such huge variance and diversity make software project management methodology a key consideration. Agile development has become a robust trend to address these aspects in software […]

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DevOpsSoftware Engineering
Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD) – Bandwagon of Agile Development
Categories: DevOpsSoftware Engineering

Are you tired of rigorous and unproductive coding platforms? Well, here’s the solution. The Agile software development offers an alternative fast-paced approach to traditional ways of managing software projects. While it cuts the development time of continuous integration and deployment of codes in conjunction with concurrent testing it also helps meeting the unpredictable elements in […]

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Hardware EngineeringInternet Of Things
Why Consumer Electronic Businesses Need To Evolve. What If They Don’t?
Categories: Hardware EngineeringInternet Of Things

Of all the industries that are upholding global economies and supporting businesses worth millions, consumer electronics is possibly the one that affects lives of the common earth citizen most intimately. Our mornings start with coffee makers and end with switching off TV and going to beds.

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Connected AppInternet Of Things
Automating Homes – The 5 Biggest Hiccups
Categories: Connected AppInternet Of Things

Home automation has clearly begun revolutionising the smart world ecosystem. It started from cell-phones, then went on to homes and is now eyeing cities at large. A voracious hoopla, we must say! A far-fetched dream that is getting realized way too soon! Hey, but let’s get this straight.

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