AWS Cloud Based Automotive Tire Management System for Heavy Trucks and Trailers

Client Overview

US based technology start-up delivering innovative solutions in logistic industry.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to develop a web-based solution with intuitive user interface for an intelligent automotive wheel management system to generate revenue from the wheels & trailers information collected from the wheel management solution

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed cloud IoT platform to remotely manage configurations of mounted sensors on the truck/trailer
  • Real-time data transfer to manufacturers, logistics data center, admin & driver over Wi-Fi/4G LTE connectivity
  • Real-time email/SMS notification for extreme temperature detection, vehicle overloaded, rapid loss of tire air pressure, air pressure system leak, tire blow out
  • Live tracking of Vehicles and Trip/Route history information
  • Analysis of the trailer & wheel behavior from the data collected
  • Developed web portal for health monitoring of the vehicles & data collection like tire pressure, wheel-end temperature, tank pressure, Axle load, etc.

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • 25% reduction in fuel consumption with improved health of the vehicle tire
  • Increased driver’s safety with real-time notification alerts for brake failure, tire blow out, tire leaks
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