Data analytics to reduce cloud transactions by 87%

Client Overview

US based leading manufacturer of plumbing products and accessories, including leak detector that helps analyze water flow, its usage and provides 24/7 protection with alerts on mobile application.

Business Challenge

The client provides cloud connected solutions to the customers to detect water leakages and protect properties from damage. With increasing number of devices & changes in the subscriptions models, the cost of device to cloud transactions increased significantly. So, the client required a technology expert to help them reduce this cost keeping the end-user experience intact.

VOLANSYS Contribution

Client had 4K+ devices deployed in the field that transacted data to the cloud platform. VOLANSYS analyzed cloud transactions of these devices, identified unwanted transactions, and accordingly optimized the device firmware and mobile application to get rid of such transactions. This helped the client reduce data transactions by 87% with reduction in operating cost.

Data analysis

  • VOLANSYS accumulated transactions of 4K+ on-field devices, analyzed and visualized the data using various Python libraries like Pandas, Scipy, NumPy, matplotlib
  • Identified the most frequent transactions, redundant transactions, duplicate transactions and strategically worked on the costing related problem
  • Redesigned the cloud communication architecture in firmware and mobile application to fetch data from the cloud only when required
    • This redesign involved optimizing mobile application and gateway firmware that reduced cloud data transactions

Mobile application optimization (Android and iOS)

  • Redesigned cloud communication architecture to reduce cloud transactions
  • Identified and removed frequent requests to the cloud and made it for required mobile screens only, keeping the functionality and user experience unchanged
    • The network requests to the cloud are optimized in such a way that the application will only request the data that is important to be presented to the user at a given moment, e.g. getting data (RSSI, temperature, etc.) for only the screen where user is present and not for any other screen
    • Implemented cloud communication protocols in sync with the application lifecycle. The application will communicate with the cloud only when the user is actively using the application. No data fetching will be done if the application is kept in background by the user
  • Enhanced overall application performance and user experience by removing unwanted frequent transactions with cloud

Gateway firmware optimization

  • Uploaded data changes to the cloud only when required, instead of uploading it frequently to reduce the number of transactions and keeping functionalities intact
    • Observing value of parameters (RSSI, temperature, etc.) and uploading it to cloud only if the value varies by certain predefined points
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Python | Pandas | Scipy | NumPy | matplotlib | Android | iOS | Mobility | Embedded Firmware | Data Analytics | Cloud

Application Diagram

Data analytics to reduce cloud transactions Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Reduced operational cost with 87% reduction in average data transaction to the cloud
  • Enhanced application performance and user experience by optimizing reoccurring function calls and minimizing data requests from the cloud
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