Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) Porting on ARM-based SoC

Client Overview

A leading US-based switching silicon manufacturer targeting network switches for enterprise IT infrastructures and data centers.

Business Challenge

  • Optimize packet processing capabilities for data plane on ARM-based SoCs used for purpose-built and virtualized networking
  • Measure network throughput performance after DPDK porting

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • DPDK compatible user-space driver development and optimization
  • Traffic generator application to validate performance improvement
  • OS virtualization on OcteonTX using Qemu
    • Generated various packet types at different line rate and packet size
    • Analyzed performance and received packet integrity
    • Statistics and Data Benchmarking
  • L3 forwarding application
    • SoC initialization and configuration
    • Configured traffic forwarding
    • Memory management
  • Validated DPDK porting performance optimization

Benefits Delivered

  • Faster packet processing
  • Enabled high-performance Linux networking