Design of an extensible framework to develop new
IoT class of applications on top of legacy products

Client Overview

US based Technology Company in multi-radio mesh networking, extremely lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, and Software Defined Networking (SDN) for publish/discover/subscribe in IoT and enterprise networks. It is focused on high-performance wireless networking for IoT and enterprise applications with substantial patented IP. Their patented mesh technology is powering Wi-Fi mesh of leading mines corporations, Oil and Gas, military rough terrain operations.

Business Challenge
  • Understanding complex legacy product architecture – mesh algorithm, so as to implement new age IoT application support
  • Simplify flashing and licensing process during production of end-nodes
  • Improvise and stabilize existing product without any knowledge transfer from prior contractor to enable a timely release
  • Support for LTE into existing product for future use
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Firmware Development
    • Real Time Publish Subscribe framework on top of legacy product to support IoT class application
    • Robot framework for mesh network testing and unit testing of mesh node
    • Python based software to flash firmware (OpenWrt) in node
    • Integrated client stack with OpenWrt 18.06 to support LTE and improved throughput by 50%
    • Ported Java based Windows Network Monitoring System (NMS) onto Linux
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Mesh | Product Engineering – Embedded Software | Digital Networking | Robot Frameworks | Pub/Sub Frameworks | Quality Engineering

Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-legacy products-archi
Benefits Delivered
  • Faster time-to-market through complete engineering ownership from framework development, NMS porting, testing, and maintaining legacy product
  • Stable product with network throughput improved by 50% with OpenWrt 18.06 integration that helped client to renew 60% of their existing customers