Designing the Next- Generation Mobile Power Card

Client Overview

North America based leading manufacturing and designing company, offering environmentally sustainable composites for the commercial, recreational, transportation, and construction industry.

Business Challenge

The client developed a generation I prototype of a direct charge power card for smartphones. They wanted to redesign the product which would enhance the fast charging capabilities as well as reduce the form factor and improve the aesthetics of the product.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client to design and develop the prototype of the generation II power card. The generation – II power card would be provided in 3 variants – MFI, USB Type-C, and Micro USB differ from each other by the type of charging receptacle and plug used.

  • Mechanical design enclosure:
    • IP42 enclosure design to reduce the form-factor compared to Generation- I
    • Conceptualization sketches
    • 3D CAD design and detailed 2D drawing
    • 3D printed proto in SLA for form factor validation
    • Thermal analysis
    • Overall product thermal optimization with inbuilt metal strip as heat spreader
    • Mold tooling:
      • Steel mold structure for top and bottom cover
      • Rubber mold structure to give flexibility and strength to MFI and USB type C tips
    • Over mold design for connector tips
    • Ultrasonic  bonding for better drop strength
    • Silkscreen printing for logos
    • Mass manufacturing
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Mechanical Design Engineering | Hardware Engineering | Firmware Engineering

Application Diagram

Next-Gen Mobile Power Card

Benefits Delivered
  • Reduced the overall length/form-factor by 16% compared to the generation I prototype of mobile power card and increased the durability and strength of the connector
  • Enhanced the fast charging mode of the power card and strengthened the visual display for On/Off/Standby mode
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