Industrial Grade Camera Design

The client was looking for a small form factor, battery operated, industrial grade camera. The application of this camera is to support in discovery and exploration of fossil fuel reserves. It required to capture views from unmanned aerial vehicles, as known as, Drones.

Aim of the Project

The project was originally aimed to develop industrial grade camera design. Later due to our dedicated efforts, client also provided software development for the complete system.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of hardware and software design of the camera was such that 5 high definition images, with dimensions in megapixels were to be taken at regular intervals, possibly in a fraction of a second! Further, it was required that a drone would house several such cameras, all of them being synchronised to click pictures simultaneously, so as to get a holistic view of the land below from all possible angles.

The core challenge was to accomplish all this, while being bound to a camera size of 30mm x 30mm x 45mm, keeping in mind that the final marketable product had to be considerably affordable.

The Solutions

The project was initially started with a feasibility study and then prototype was created. The overall solution included

  • Hardware design
  • PCB design
  • Board bringup
  • Bootloader porting
  • Linux kernel and Device drive modification
  • Camera application development
  • Integrated Testing


  • A very small (30mm x 30mm x 45 mm), lightweight, inexpensive industrial 5 Megapixel camera with CMOS sensor for all kinds of Industrial Application
  • Support for snapshot mode as well as continuous mode at various resolutions
  • Local storage using MiniSD card as well as through USB Host interface
  • Video out mode
  • External trigger for synchronization with Camera
  • Trigger based photo capture
  • USB OTG support
  • Class-10 SD card write performance
  • Platform independent host utility for configuring camera – can run on Linux as well as Windows operating system
  • Ethernet over USB
  • File storage and retrieval support when connected to Host PC


VOLANSYS’ role was right from feasibility study to provide complete integrated solution

  • Feasibility study for hardware platform selection, Cost v/s Feature tradeoffs, BOM finalization
  • Prototype development
  • Complete board design, layout design as well as Mechanical design for prototype
  • HW bringup and full prototype delivery
  • uBoot and Kernel changes and porting on new hardware
  • Production support