Optimizing Multi-Location, Multi-Specialty Hospital Group Performance Through Actionable Insights

Client Overview

A multi-specialty hospital group located across country locations wanted to grow in a highly competitive market but had very limited data-driven decision-making due to lack of technical expertise and unexplored data from different specialties and departments. The group also wanted to understand the efficiency of internal operations and the cost of running maintenance activities, and how to make operations and processes more efficient.

Business Challenge

  • What will be the estimated revenue for the next 3 years?
  • What are the key areas of need to improve in operations and processes to reduce leakage?
  • What are the key equipments missing, which are required to improve the interdepartmental process?
  • Where we are spending the most and where do we need more budget and attention to improve efficiency?
  • Which specialities requires more attention to increasing revenue & profit?
  • What is the quality of our surveillance system?
  • How to maximize existing infra utilization?

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS provided the client with consulting to add value and derive meaningful actionable insights out of available data streams and understand what other data is needed to strengthen a data-driven decision-making culture across all departments.

Data Warehouse

About 20 GB of data for last 5 years

  • Billing & OS data
  • Revenue data
  • IT inventory & purchase data
  • Pharma billing & inventory data
  • Surgeries data
  • Clinical operations data
  • IT & Infra related requests
  • Infra maintenance & PO data
  • Patient’s demographic information
  • Infrastructure spending costs
  • Compared inventory stock with next purchase cycle to identify consumption and cross-validated against requirement across all facilities
  • Variance in proposed and actual purchase patterns to identify operations efficiency and improvement areas
  • What-if and regression method to predict growth for next years
  • Simulation analysis for ARPOB, LOS relation with profit
Actionable insights
  • Categorical analysis to get revenue turnover in LPA by specialty, Inpatient/Outpatient, surgeries and pharma operations
  • Performance of group from turnover using parameter matrix of ARPOB, ALOS
Analytics Result
  • Hospital group will grow at 5% of average for next 3 years using Simulation Analysis
  • 6-7% leakage in expenses for sanitizing products and equipment using Diagnostic Analytics
  • Revenue loss about 0.5% due to delay in scheduling major surgeries due to doctor’s availability is major concern and can be cured with better communication methods
  • Suggested a centralized automated process for operations as it would save about 10% of time by avoiding manual processes
  • Expense cost of about 60% in data backup and surveillance backup was a concern and can be reduced by upgrading to the latest technology and better hosting options

Benefits Delivered

  • Streamlined about 8% revenue growth by providing actionable insights and predictive analysis using parameters – ARPOB, LOS, billing (zero billing) and specialty wise surgeries with billing and revenue information