Reduced QA cycle from 45 to 1.5 days with coverage of
95% plus test cases using test automation

Client Overview

North America based leading manufacturer offering the largest selection of interactive touchscreen displays, touch screen computers, signage components, POS devices and more, across 80+ countries with 20 million+ devices installed in the field.It is one of the largest Quick Service Points solutions providers to Fortune 500 retail chains, restaurants, airports.

Business Challenge

The client had 70K+ online devices on field. With such a large number of live devices, it was challenging and time consuming if there was any enhancement or bug fixing and testing required for those devices. It consumed 45 days to test the whole lot of online devices. Client was looking for a solution that would bring in maximum possible rate of automation for this process reducing the QA cycle timeline.

Streamlining software testing across multiple teams and platforms like devices and digital platforms was also one of their challenge.

VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Customized Volanium – VOLANSYS’ test automation framework for executing customer’s test cases by adding features like:
    • Integrated TestRail and Jenkins
    • Implemented parallel test suites execution and environment config.
    • Support to multiple servers execution to run test suites without changing code
    • Remove screenshots of previous runs
    • Modified Command Line Argument
  • Quality testing with Volanium test automation framework for device and web portal to achieve maximum possible software test automation
    in custom environment

    • Post production sanity
    • Device side sanity
    • Regression testing
  • Automated 70% plus features for Point-of-Sale (POS) devices and touchscreen displays by executing 4000+ test cases or BSP performance
    • Test case management using Test Rail
    • Maintain release in BitBucket
    • Build trigger in Jenkins
  • Parallel testing on multiple devices (based on system configuration) at the same time reducing test cycles and execution time
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Volanium | TestRail | Jenkins | Bit Bucket | QA Automation

Solution Architecture

Volanium Automation CycleVolanium Automation Cycle

Benefits Delivered
  • Increased productivity –achieved 95% of test automation coverage across devices and web platforms
  • Faster time to market – Volanium framework enabled to design custom test environment to complete the entire testing and software release from 45 days to 1.5 days
  • Improved product stability and end customer confidence
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