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IoT Gateway Playing Crucial Role in Reducing Gap between Enterprise and Embedded Devices

Internet of Things is undoubtedly one of the most promising trends for the IT industry. It offers boundless possibilities in transforming the way we interact with devices, interfaces and connect…

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Enabling High Performance Computing on Embedded Systems

WHY IS IT EXCITING? Ever imagined traveling the world with JARVIS by your side? Things could be so much simpler, so much fun and so much more peaceful! Just imagine…

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Lower Time To Market Eating Away Your Market Share? Let’s Peek In Together

Not being able to take a tested product to the market on time is a major concern that many of our clients share. It’s a rather sorry state to be…

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Why Consumer Electronic Businesses Need To Evolve. What If They Don’t?

Of all the industries that are upholding global economies and supporting businesses worth millions, consumer electronics is possibly the one that affects lives of the common earth citizen most intimately.…

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