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Implementing DevOps for continuous development, testing, and delivery to achieve faster time to market

Enterprise IT organizations need to continuously roll out innovative new features into their platform-as-a-service offering with just the right features to achieve faster time to market with no defects and…

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How to Achieve Continuous Software Delivery Using DevOps Tools and Methodologies

Acceptance of Agile methodologies has increased in the organization to enhance the delivery of software. Initially, it started in the development organization and then expanded its territories, namely in IT…

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Incredible Mean Stack

While for enterprises today there is an array of technology options to make their digital presence robust as some solutions offer an easy way to solve business problems. The Mean…

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Unleash The Power of Agile

Software project management is a field involving many complications. An array of methodologies is there besides an equally broad range of software options, varying exceptions, and team member roles. Such…

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Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD) – Bandwagon of Agile Development

Are you tired of rigorous and unproductive coding platforms? Well, here’s the solution. The Agile software development offers an alternative fast-paced approach to traditional ways of managing software projects. While…

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Top 5 Tips for Mobile Application UI/UX

When you are designing a native app UI you need to consider several things. First of all, you are building the UI for the smaller screen and naturally you have…

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Importance of Negative Testing in Software Quality Assurance

Our life revolves around software’s. From hospital’s ICUs to the billing desk at shops and from the airplane’s cockpit to computer desks of academicians and scientists they are everywhere. Such…

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Unlocking the potential of Software Team the DevOps way

In this fast paced world and cut throat competition, customers have tremendous expectations, especially in the software industry. They want fast development & deployment, easy to operate, quality assured product…

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