Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence: A Letter from Our CEO

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence: A Letter from Our CEO

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Today is VOLANSYS’ 10th Anniversary. Yes – we embarked upon this exciting journey on 8th October 2008. The stirring from start-up to scale-up demands celebration.

We were not sure ‘how’ things would work out, but we were very sure that they would – if we had passion and conviction in what we believed as our Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

Today, the 10th birthday of Volansys brings back a lot of memories and a realization that we have scaled-up from being just a start-up. At this instance, I would like to THANK YOU ALL personally for being there during all the ups and downs.

During the last decade, we witnessed exponential growth at Volansys as well as within the markets and our clients. One of the vital themes and drivers in the industry today seems to be, ‘TECHNOLOGY IS DRIVING BUSINESSES’. We are looking and expecting to transform our future strategies for next decade around this theme and we wish all in Volansys family would embark on this journey together as a team.

Let’s continue supporting each other as we always have, and work towards a bigger, better and brighter tomorrow – for ALL of US! Remember, even the Sky is not the limit and we will continue to aim for the Moon with our Stars!