Events & Conference Application

Events & Conference Application makes it convenient for your attendees to access concise and relevant event information when they need it during the event. It’s also a part of your event that they take home with them through the mobile event application on their devices. Your event is displayed absolutely the way it is intended through the event application with branding, your advertisements, surveys, the capability to message other attendees, and much more.


The Client requirement was to make a product by which an event can be managed and all exhibitors and attendee’s use a single platform where they will be able to connect before and after the event. The client’s team provides native apps for iPhone, iPod touch, Android, as well as mobile-optimised websites for Kiosks and other mobile handsets.


  • Mobile Content Management
    • As each & every event has different content (Images, video, and other informative content), so the challenge was to manage the application in such a way that the application does not download the same content again & again
  • Memory Optimization
    • As this application has screens & more informative content which needs to be managed properly, so memory optimization was a critical part
  • Show Data Offline
    • The application must also run in offline mode, which was a challenging task


  • User’s login feature for the attendees to schedule meeting with others
  • Get latest alerts and updates from the event organizers
  • Connect & Follow up with other attendees before and after the event
  • Users can share their thoughts on Twitter and Facebook
  • Show session details as well as speakers & documents related to the session
  • Text notes and image notes can also be added
  • Survey can be done through this application
  • QR Code Reader



  • Develop the whole application for iOS platform from scratch
  • Regularly updating & adding new custom features in the application according to a particular event
  • Improving the performance of the application was also a major role
  • Bug fixes for the application