Transforming aviation through cutting edge IoT solutions

IoT is transforming the Aerospace industry both on the ground and in the air. IoT systems are instrumental in capturing critical data for operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, structural health monitoring, flight safety, and analytics. IoT solution can help OEMs/service providers to capture all the information to make smarter real-time decisions to improve efficiency, security, convenience, and reduced cost of overall operations.  

VOLANSYS is powering the aerospace industry with cutting edge IoT solutions that address these challenges. We have delivered a wide range of connected solutions including cabin management systems, in-flight entertainment systems, aircraft health monitoring systems, and more. We have in house expertise to understand the particular pain area and thereby helping aviation companies to make informed decisions with the help of innovative solutions. 

Industry Needs

Improving Operational Efficiency

Developing and integrating systems for cabin control and management, web UI/ mobile app for wireless control of in-flight LEDs, storages and audio

Improving System Efficiency
Enhanced Passenger Experience

Implementing an advanced infotainment system, in-flight Wi-Fi, advance luggage tracking system to enhance the traveler’s experience

Enhancing Passenger Experience (1)
Safety and Security

Developing and integrating systems for cabin control and management, web UI/ mobile app for wireless control of in-flight LEDs, storages and audio

avionic safety
Advance Connectivity Enablement

Introduction of multi-protocol wireless systems in flight contributing to simplified functioning, wireless cabin control, lighting & storage control, passenger service management, etc., thus eliminating heavy wiring and reducing weight

Advance Connectivity Enablement

Aerospace Offerings

Enabling OEMs in designing lightweight cabins with the help of new edge wireless communication system which eliminates most of the inflight cable routing
Development of aircraft predictive maintenance system for uninterrupted operation
Solution designing with multiple RF protocols without interfering with core avionics communication
Real-time data analysis for faster and precise decision for efficient flight operations
Smarter interactive inflight multimedia system development to upgrade passenger experience


Industrial Grade Development

In-house expertise to deliver certified ruggedized solutions that work seamlessly in extreme conditions

Full-Cycle Development

We support complete development from proof of concept to mass manufacturing of connected solution

Maintenance Support

Complete support for all critical applications of our developed system at T2/T3 level to run operation uninterruptedly

Seamless Connectivity

Expertise in connectivity protocols, communication technologies, and networking helps us to better understand the system for further optimization