OAuth2 Plays a Vital Role In Cloud Computing

OAuth2 Plays a Vital Role In Cloud Computing

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The OAuth 2.0 is the latest version of the OAuth protocol considered as useful for providing authorization decisions across a network of web apps and APIs. OAuth protocol, which is also considered as a framework is used in a wide diversity of web apps, ensuring a glitch-free mechanism for user authentication in apps. While just for the role of OAuth in the authentication, a vast majority of developers and API providers began to consider it as an authentication protocol and the scope of this technology in cloud-based apps is actually vast enough.


  • What is OAuth 2?

OAuth 2 is the second version of the OAuth protocol or framework. The protocol can allow third-party apps to offer HTTP service limited access. The request for access can be a client, a website or other mobile app.  The latest version which is OAuth 2 offers a much-simplified protocol to allow better interoperability among different apps. The protocol evolving continuously has been widely implemented by web apps, including major internet giants like the Facebook and Google.

  • Challenges with the protocol

In spite of the huge popularity and widespread adoption, the protocol does not come without challenges. Managing all kinds of web services, apps and IoT devices with a robust protocol still remains challenging.

While we just cannot manage each of the IoT devices in our environment individually, the need for a centralized management protocol seems obvious. Is the new OAuth 2 protocol feasible enough to address these challenges and emerging needs? Well, in spite of positive outpourings there is no dearth of scepticism in this respect.

The biggest challenge for the protocol is that it depends on HTTPS for the transport security. Now all the devices are not equipped enough for this. In fact, there are too many devices that are too small to handle an HTTPS connection. How you can allow access to all kinds of devices and interfaces with a versatile and scalable protocol remains the challenge.

  • How can VOLANSYS help in OAuth2 Implementation?

VOLANSYS is a leading brand of cloud-based apps and cloud-based software as a service (SAAS)providers. The expertise and years of first rated experience in delivering cloud solutions to enterprises coupled up with the recent breakthroughs in the modular IoT solutions and gateways have made VOLANSYS a sought-after brand for complex cloud service implementation and deployment.

We have been one of the very few first adopters of the OAuth protocol in IoT-based platforms and web apps. With the latest version of the protocol, we can offer further integration of sophisticated IoT generation’s next connected devices with robust security and authentication in UIs. Our standout excellence with cloud services and IoT solutions made us the ideal name for app and software development with this protocol.

OAuth 2 in cloud computing holds the promise of better and deeper integration of the security elements and authorization with the emerging connected device environments or Internet of Things. Though the technology is still not fully matured and there are several challenges with regard to addressing the lack of HTTP request in small devices, this latest version of OAuth is nevertheless a stride ahead to make authorization easier in multi-device environments.

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