Cloud Based Media Streaming & Storage Solution

The project involved working with a Hybrid PaaS provider, whose services enabled end-users utilize the concept of home automation to a certain extent. The platform is basically used for smart surveillance purposes, the only USP is being, users can make use of their old mobiles devices as surveillance cameras for home and offices. To add to the functionality, the platform, along with these old mobile devices could also be used to make video calls.


The goal was to make the platform more robust and resourceful by enhancing the media streaming capability, such that, the application can sense any kind of motion and immediately start streaming it in the live media format.


The only fact that commendable home and office surveillance largely depends on the effectiveness and quality of live streaming, made the project a crucial one. That apart, at par security of the streamed data is of utmost importance. Hence, while conferring robustness to the platform, we also had to pay due attention to data safety measures.

  • Cloud based home surveillance system with Motion Detector Webcam
  • Two major facilities provided for home security:
  • To record videos or take pictures at scheduled time
  • Store videos/pictures over client’s secure cloud
  • Support on-demand view stored videos and pictures from cloud
  • Motion-triggered video recording over cloud with video alerts
  • Provide support for 2-way video call

Volansys added media streaming in IoT-based surveillance application. The user’s phone connects with his home or office using the WiFi gateway. The application monitors motion & starts streaming media (audio & video) as soon as the motion is detected. The whole solution uses a cloud along with Wowza media server. The solution also provides web application running on laptop/desktop for convenience.Following list shows our contribution in depth:

  • Developed a system using Java technology, with Mysql as database, HornetQ for JMS, Tomcat server for REST APIs, Apache for web application and used Amazon S3 for object storage
  • Integrated Wowza media streaming server on client’s cloud
  • Integrated JMS(java Messaging Service) for cloud collaboration between Management cloud and Wowza media streaming server
  • Developed and integrated APIs for IP camera auto configuration as well as FTP server to store videos and pictures on Client’s Cloud
  • Video streaming with web application
  • Defined and developed REST APIs for Mobile and Web applications on Client’s Cloud
  • Integrated Java Melody tool for performance analysis, viewers logs, real-time streaming, Alert notification and system optimization on Client Cloud
  • Integration of RTMP/RTP protocol in iOS and Android application
  • The Team provide development support, cloud migration support as well as post deployment support