Cloud-based Video Surveillance System

For Leading Surveillance Platform-as-a-Service Provider for Home and Buildings

Client Overview

Hybrid PaaS provider offering high quality, affordable, and easy-to-use Video Surveillance Platform as a Service for residential and small-medium business owners. The cloud-based platform uses customer’s legacy mobiles devices as surveillance cameras to offer security services for home and offices.

Business Need

A robust and resourceful cloud-based video streaming, storage and management solution with following features:

  • Motion-triggered streaming from camera devices
  • Enhanced media live-streaming capability from
    • Motion detector webcam
    • Legacy mobile cameras reusability
  • Intuitive applications to manage and view live or recorded videos
  • High volume data storage infrastructure for videos
  • On-demand availability of encrypted videos

VOLANSYS Contribution

A scalable cloud-based Video Storage and Management Solution connected with multiple on-field cameras including following features:

  • Capture and Streaming
    • Connect camera devices (phone, tablet or webcam) to cloud application
    • Record videos or take pictures at scheduled time
    • Record videos or take pictures when motion-triggered
    • Aggregate video data and upload to cloud storage
    • Receive motion-detected or user-defined push alerts on emails or mobile
    • Bi-directional video calling / messaging
  • View and Monitoring
    • On-demand view of live/recorded videos and images stored
    • Account and Data Security implementation
  • Cloud Infrastructure Development
    • High performance and scalable infrastructure architecture
    • Video analytics capabilities
    • Secured & encrypted data storage
    • Disaster Recovery Management


  • Software Development
    • Video streaming device application (Motion detector webcam /Mobile /Tablet)
      • Wowza media server and JMS (Java Messaging Service)
      • Bi-directional video calling functionality using HornetQ
      • Reduced latency, session start-up time using RTP and RTMP
  • Surveillance Application Development
    • Advanced Java and MySQL database
    • Android/iOS mobile applications
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  • Cloud Architecture, Development & Performance Monitoring
    • Store videos/pictures over client’s cloud using secure REST APIs
    • Optimization and performance analysis
      • Multi-tier storage architecture for quick reads
      • Processes concurrent video reads and writes
      • Efficient content-based load balancing
      • Integrated Java Melody tool for analysis
      • Viewers logs, real-time streaming, alert notifications

Benefits Delivered

Scalable architecture

Meets the demand of growing customer base with capabilities to operate in co-location

Edge analytics on mobile app

Reduced cost of ownership

Customized Open Source Streaming Server, hence no licensing cost

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Real-time two way voice support on Wowza server enabling
Talk- feature on surveillance and recording audios