Paas For Internet Of Everything (IoE)

The client approached us with a business plan of providing a Hybrid PaaS to users of home automation modules like Home Thermostats, Monster Plug/Smart Plug device, door lock and door camera. The core idea was to enable these home automation utilizers, connect with their automation devices on a constant basis, using their smartphones.

Aim of the Project

While we already gave you a nutshell view of the goal of the project, to be more precise, the VOLANSYS engineering team had to function with the client for sketching out a unique platform which would have three distinct layers of tools. The combination of these three layers was supposed to make this platform the only comprehensive end to end mobile and cloud platform in the market today.

The Challenge

The whole project development and execution phase posed a number of hurdles, learning and a lot of eager excitement for the team. The most daunting part of the project was to keep the working of the system utterly simple, while promising robust functionality. Since the end users can hail from non-tech backgrounds, making the entire system way too complicated would only ensure a doom of the hybrid platform in the market. As such, the algorithms and rule engines to be used in the complete 3-layered system had to be easy-to-use, yet sophisticated.


  • A Hybrid PaaS for Internet of Everything (IoE) for various home automation equipment’s and provides platform to connect with them through smart phones over the cloud
  • A cloud based platform to integrate & control devices using Smart Phone and such as Home Thermostats, Monster Plug/Smart Plug device, Door Lock, door camera, just to name a few
  • Integration with external or third party cloud services to get data and process to perform some integrated operations.
  • The PaaS has three distinct layers of powerful tools and performance, making it the only comprehensive and end-to-end mobile + cloud platform in the market today
  • Support for mobile platforms – Android & iOS
  • Supports all browsers
  • An IoT based SDK to enable Device Developers & App Developers
  • Rule Engine to operate all connected devices and Analytics
  • An Easy Server API to add new devices and their UI on to the App platform


Very first thing was to give shape to the 3 layers i.e. Connectivity, Analytics and Presentation.

The Connectivity Layer was designed so as to connect devices beyond commands and measurements and add patent-pending UXist technology. These APIs are secure and open source.

The Analytics Layer had a rule engine designed with utmost simplicity so that even the most non-techie users feel comfortable using the system. It was designed so that new products could plug right into it.

The Presentation Layer was an app meant to run on mobile platforms, designed to expand dynamically, allowing customers add their product UI’s to the framework despite not being a mobile app developer themselves.

We helped the client in realizing this platform right from concept to production. This includes application development and algorithm development on smart phone platforms, Cloud based platform development with Big Data as the databases.

We are still a part of this project and are currently working on extending this platform to some embedded cameras, so that eliminate smart phone usage can be eliminated in developing markets.
Following list shows our contribution:

  • Design & development of the application on all platforms
  • Design & development of the web based solution for browsers
  • Development of server modules for RESTFul APIs & oath based server with AWS services
  • Functional & system validation
  • Integration of various connectivity devices Bluetooth 4.0 LE, ZigBee or Low power Wi-Fi for this platform
  • Created integration platform to collect and communicate with other cloud services