Control, Fine-tune and Upgrade 35,000+
Radio Devices

Client Overview

A leading US-based high-speed internet solution provider. They offer internet with faster speed, a lower price, and award-winning customer service.

Business Need

Client required WLAN management with following capabilities:

  • Self-learning, self-healing, and self-tuning of Radio Channels
  • Centralized firmware upgrade control
  • Self-determinant for best Radio Channel selection in live network

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS developed Radio Channel Assessment Controller (RCAC) for WLAN management for the client.

  • Designed self-learning algorithm for best channel selection on AP
  • Designed self-healing algorithm to handle disassociation of CPE to AP to provide seamless connectivity
  • Designed self-tuning algorithm to handle weak RF signal and peak hour traffic shaping
  • Remote AP management and firmware upgrade algorithm
  • Intelligence to identify weak client in a network, backlist it and report to a central server
  • WLAN AP testing and sustenance

Benefits Delivered

  • Firmware upgrade via OTA without human interaction
  • Keep APs running on the best channel all the time
  • Intelligent monitoring and reporting of the clients in a network