Designed Mobile Hotspot With Multi-device Connectivity

Client Overview

A global leader in a range of medical devices like portable defibrillators and ventilators used by clinicians and emergency medical services to treat victims in times of resuscitation and acute critical care.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to design its in-house Mi-Fi module that relays data on LTE over Wi-Fi and provides data connectivity with guaranteed throughput and quality of service for global geography.

VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Mechanical Design and Prototyping of Modem Device
    • Designed conceptualization sketches with three different option
    • P55 enclosure design
    • 3D CAD design and 2D detail drawing
    • Product level thermal analysis
    • Simulations: shock and vibration
    • 3D prototyping in DFM and SLA for form factor validation and field testing
    • Mold tooling – 300K production capacity
    • Reliability testing as per DO-160G
      • Shock and vibration
      • Drop and altitude
      • IP55 testing
    • Silk screen printing process for IO port and LEDs
    • Translucent light pipe for LED indication
    • Blue color enclosure with Grey buttons and white strips
    • No shrink or gate mark visible at single places
    • Defining cosmetic inspection criteria to make sure 0% rejection on product final assembly line
    • Mass manufacturing >5K units
    • Mold maintenance
  • Hardware design with end-of-life analysis, memory, and power budget analysis with 5 GHz radio
  • Design component analysis and testing for antenna diversity, thermal analysis, signal quality testing, fuel gauge calibration
  • FCC, CE, IC, PTCRB, Verizon, AT&T certification
  • Altitude and vibration testing
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Mechanical Design Engineering | Hardware Design | Web UI Development | Firmware Development | Quality Engineering

Application Diagram

Designed Mobile Hotspot Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Delivered mechanical and hardware in the available size and improved quality of service by connecting medical devices over Wi-Fi for real-time data transfer and processing
  • Being a First Net regulatory standard-compliant device, it assures privacy and data security
  • Mobile Hotspot enabled with multi-device connectivity to serve multiple medical types of equipment simultaneously in case of emergency
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