Development of a Portable Mobile Hotspot (Mi-Fi) Device

Client Overview

A global leader in a range of medical devices like portable defibrillators and ventilators used by clinicians and emergency medical services to treat victims in times of resuscitation and acute critical care.

Business Challenge
  • The client wanted to connect their portable defibrillator and ventilator devices to their cloud via Wi-Fi. For that, they tried a couple of off- the shelf product with their devices, but they were rejected due to regulatory and power restrictions/constraints
  • The client decided to design its in-house Mi-Fi module that relays data on LTE over Wi-Fi and provides data connectivity with guaranteed throughput and quality of service for global geography
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Hardware Design and Development
    • Class-B and Class-C component selection
    • Schematic design, layout, Gerber release
    • PCB fabrication, assembly for proto-1 and proto-2 development boards
    • BoM cost and end-of-life analysis
    • Memory and power budget analysis with 5 GHz radio
    • Worked with the mechanical team for hardware and mechanical integration
    • Design verification testing for proto – 1 and proto – 2
    • Design component analysis and testing for antenna diversity, thermal analysis, signal quality testing, fuel gauge calibration
  • Firmware Design and Development
    • Development of firmware application that controls the interfaces
    • DVT and validation for WiFi and cellular throughputs, memory (RAM and Flash) testing, battery reading, LED testing, button interface testing
    • Integration with the LuCI web server interface to render the functionality on the webserver dashboard
    • Porting the above sample application to the final hardware platform
    • Board bring-up for proto-1 and proto-2
    • Bug fixing and release
    • Support to hardware team for the product certifications – FCC, CE, IC, PTCRB, Verizon, AT&T
  • Web Application Design and Development
    • Designed and developed the UI wireframes
    • Developed the webserver application that supports the features and functionalities
  • QA Testing and Validation
    • Designed and developed the test cases for the modem device
    • Performed QA test cycle (QA cycle – 1 and QA cycle – 2)
    • Test setup
  • Mechanical Design and Prototyping
    • Designed and developed two concept prototype for the mechanical enclosure for modem device
    • Designed and developed an initial prototype with 3D printing
    • Performed mechanical alignment with the hardware PCB
    • Prepared the mold for the second prototypes
    • Performed mechanical alignment with proto-2 hardware PCBs
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Hardware Design | Web UI Development | Firmware Development | Quality Engineering

System Overview
Zoll Medical
Benefits Delivered
  •  Improved quality of service by connecting medical devices over Wi-Fi for real-time data transfer and processing
  •  Being a FirstNet regulatory standard-compliant device, it assures privacy and data security
  •  Mobile Hotspot enabled with multi-device connectivity to serve multiple medical types of equipment simultaneously in case of emergency
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