Enhanced Virtual Reality Platform for Developing Custom VR Applications

Client Overview

A leading open source Virtual Reality platform provider for developers to create and deploy custom VR applications in the gaming, healthcare, and education sector.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to fix major issues in the Virtual Reality platform and resolve them.

  • To control and manage the 3D Motion behavior of objects from different VR head-mounted devices
  • Logger Functionality for VR application Developers
  • Extended support for Shared VR Platform
  • Fixing the issues in platform with a support for multiple VR Head Mounted (HDM) devices such as Oculus RIFT, HTC VIVE

VOLANSYS Contribution

A scalable cloud-based Video Storage and Management Solution connected with multiple on-field cameras including the following features:

VOLANSYS helped the client in developing new features and made enhancements to the VR platform.

  • Implemented logging functionality using “console” object so that developers can log and trace while developing
  • Provided options where user can select/deselect, use of HMD application mouse pointer
  • Object grab and transition from far and near positions
  • Prevention of potential failures
  • Fixed application crashing issues
  • Optimized HMD window scroll transition
  • Implemented auto HMD mode on/off for Oculus RIFT using IR sensor

Benefits Delivered

  • Lower cost for technical support and R&D with faster identification of the problem
  • New Features development which delivered competitive advantage
  • Proactive approach for preventive maintenance as well as support on demand