Fresh Produce Storage and Tracking in a Connected World – Deployed

Client Overview

A well-known fortune 500 company, having chain of grocery stores across the globe.

Business Challenge

  • The client wanted to track the packets of raw fresh produce from the farms to freezers in the stores and to the garbage, to ensure timely delivery of the packets, usage of produce and proper garbage of packets
  • The client wanted to ensure that the produce is not sold after the expiry date and is trashed
  • The client also wanted to improve the inventory management of the produce to avoid excess production as well as a shortage of supply

VOLANSYS Contribution

Designed an innovative solution by sticking RFID tags on the containers for tracking. Deployed VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway in the stores to gather information about the packets from RFID tags using strategically located RFID readers. Deployed ZigBee® based temperature sensors to monitor freezer temperature via Modular IoT Gateway.

The tag information goes to the cloud software where it is stored and processed using Blockchain technology to derive various useful analytics for better decision making. Blockchain facilitates permanent storage of the information securely and allows the availability of the information in various forms to relevant decision makers.

  • Design of custom gateway firmware for the solution including the integration of RFID reader libraries and AWS cloud connectivity
  • System integration of RFID readers, gateway, cloud and temperature sensors
  • Development of complex algorithms to remove duplicate tags, cloud connectivity management, attachment of temperature sensor data with packet per store and local storage of tags information in gateway, in case of loss of internet
  • Design of cloud application for processing and presentation of the information
  • Design and development of mobile app on iPad and Android tab for local configuration, provisioning and management of setup

Solution Architecture

VOLANSYS-Fresh Produce Storage

Benefits Delivered

  • Efficient management of fresh produce inventory with smarter workflows, reduced supply-chain cost, visibility across all warehouses/locations
  • In-time trashing of expired food to save the users from accidentally serving expired produce