HomeBridge Gateway integration with smart padlocks

Client Overview

An innovative startup designing and manufacturing smart padlocks that provide reliable and cost-effective security for consumers and businesses.

Business and Technical Challenges
  • To launch Scalable Smart Padlocks Solution
  • Expandable Cloud-enabled Platform using HomeBridge Gateway: The BLE enabled smart padlocks required cloud-based connectivity in order to access them remotely via mobile application
  • Validation of updated PIN on the cloud that is configured to a particular padlock over BLE 4.0 via HomeBridge Gateway
VOLANSYS Contribution

Developed firmware on VOLANSYS’ HomeBridge Gateway Platform in such a way that it works with client’s smart padlock over BLE 4.0 technology.

  • Designed and developed firmware on HomeBridge using Nordic’s nRF52832 System On a Chip:
    • BLE Central Application development
    • Registration of Gateway with padlocks that are associated to the cloud
    • Integration of Cloud APIs for padlock PIN update functionality
    • Local database management
  • Integrated gateway firmware with padlock firmware and conducted manual testing for PIN update functionality
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Embedded Firmware Development | Quality Engineering | Cloud Connectivity

Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-HomeBridge Gateway Integration-new
Benefits Delivered
  • Enhanced overall systems’ functionality by developing firmware on gateway platform
  • Multiple padlocks can be supported and accessed via remote location using HomeBridge gateway
  • Reduced time-to-market by utilizing ready-to-use cost-effective solution
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