Inventory Monitoring and Surveillance System
for Auto Dealers
Client Overview

The client offers complete surveillance systems to secure businesses by protecting equipment & infrastructure for auto dealerships, scrap metal recycling, and other industries – 300+ clients, 100+ million square feet of property surveillance, 9,000+ Live Cameras

Business Challenge
  • Complete car surveillance solution that deters theft, intrusion, inventory damage and false claims without a need for costly onsite guard services or additional personnel
  • Eliminate false customer claims
  • Track car location inside/outside property
  • Analyze the number of visitors in the showroom
  • Get real-time car details with the efficient search
  • Periodic scanning for the asset tags on cars
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Connected Car Monitoring and Surveillance System
    • Real-time car location details collection and edit using scanned car barcode data
    • Motion detection, Location update, Zone Identification (Entry / Exit), Geo-fencing
    • Associate car key and maintain key location details using scanned key beacon data
    • Real-time visitor location collection using scanned visitor beacon in Id-card
    • Maintain full car location history in zones
    • Import car inventory list from Salesforce
    • QR codes-based inventory intake
    • Accelerometer based Car motion or movement detection
  • Android & iOS mobile App for Dealers
    • Scan car barcode, nearby beacons via BLE
    • Add details and plot scanned car
    • View Heatmap to identify car location on warehouse map
    • Receive notifications if a car leaves the showroom premises after working hours
    • Show details of the site on a dashboard
    • Search and select multiple sites across various locations
    • Display nearby registered car locations map
    • Site design tool for the surveillance sales team
  • End-to-End Quality Engineering
    • Automation Testing
      • Cloud test scripts for API testing
      • Mobile app automation scripts for app testing
      • Router automation testing with feedback
      • End to End automation testing setup
    • Manual testing
Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • Modular and scalable solution to support multiple inventory surveillance use cases
  • Data storage and compression to reduce cloud resource utilization; Minimal infrastructure cost