IoT Cloud PaaS to implement connected products and systems
Client Overview

The client offers carrier-grade IoT Platform (SaaS/PaaS) to implement disruptive Internet of Things solutions. It enables service providers, enterprises, manufacturers, and governments to integrate and white-label, value-added IoT services with their best-of-breed products and solutions across smart home, smart city, security, digital health, energy, e-government, and other vertical markets.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop end-to-end cloud-based IoT platform-as-a-service to offer its customers as per subscription-based model for addressing following requirements:

  • Implement key four components of cloud-based IoT platform as a service: IoT device Embedded application, IoT Device cloud connectivity SDK, IoT gateway stack, Cloud IoT Platform-as-a-Service solution
  • Support of multiple hardware platforms based IoT device connectivity using different communication protocols.
  • Extended Development Team for
    • End-to-end development support
    • Continuous integration, testing and deployment support
  • Functional, Scalability and Performance Testing and Validation of system
VOLANSYS Contribution

The cloud-based device management platform key features include:

  • Embedded Application Kit for IoT Edge Devices and Gateway
  • Cloud Connectivity SDK for Edge Devices and Gateway
    • Easily and rapidly portable to other hardware platforms using demo applications
  • Cloud-based IoT Platform as a Service Solution
    • IoT Device Connectivity and Control Services
    • IoT Device Communication through MQTT
    • Multi-tenant cloud architecture
    • User identity and access management
    • IoT Data Analytics
    • Cloud to Cloud Integrations (Nest, Alexa, and Google Home)
    • Multiple load balancers to manage connected application requests using HAProxy
    • Multiple Virtual Machines support (up to 128)
    • Database Backup and Migrations
  • End to End Quality Engineering, Maintenance and Support
    • Functional Testing – unit, integration, simulation
    • Non-Functional Testing – Performance, Scalability, Security
    • Automated IoT testing with device virtualization
    • Perform build, automated testing and deployment of microservices every week
    • Load and stress testing
Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-paas-solution architecture-
Benefits Delivered
  • Modular and portable architecture to support cloud platform connectivity from any device
  • Reduced memory footprint and CPU utilization for Cloud Connectivity SDK
  • Optimized Performance to reduce device to cloud request process interval
  • Highly available and scalable cloud solution architecture – Ability to support up to 50,000+ devices per customer
  • Security-rich customer and application data through third-party security audits
  • Achieved 95% test automation – 600+ automated out of 1500+ manual test cases reduced 1-month testing effort to 4-5hrs.
  • Reduced deployment time for each microservice