Multi-Touch Screen Solutions

The client was looking for developing proof of concept for multi-touch product with features:

  • Detect Multi-touch events
  • Windows based software support for different screen size
  • Flash-based game application that supports multiple touch screen

Aim of the Project

The aim of this POC was to provide generalized, rugged, and easy to install touch screen solution.

The Challenge

The major challenge was to identify cost-effective, rugged and easy to install touch screen that supports 40”, 42” and 48” large screen LCD display.


  • Up to 10 touch detection on Infrared based touch screen
  • Low cost design using Arduino UNO
  • Supports 40″, 42″ and 48″ touch screen
  • Used Adobe Flash with Multi-touch interface


VOLANSYS was involved right from understanding requirements to providing Proof-of-Concept solution

  • Arduino-UNO was selected to quick start development with simple Infrared based touch screen
  • Developed POC for multi touch screen that supports larger displays like 40″, 42″and 48″
  • Simplified engineering solution to meet the challenge of having rugged screen and hassle-free installation on different display screen
  • Used Arduino Software IDE, Adobe Flash and Action Script tools in this project