Network Based Outdoor Media Player

Client was interested in designing small form factor network based media player which can support local playback as well as network playback with very less boot time.

Aim of the Project

Productization of small form factor secured network media player with HDMI output. Player support playback on HDMI output to LCD/LED based TVs. The video files can be either stored on a local storage (USB Drive, MMC/SD) or streamed over network. This media player supports HD resolution videos playback. The player has no user interaction except remote to play/pause/skip the current video. The player has to boot in less than a minute and the delay between playing of 2 files should be less than 2 seconds.

The Challenge

It was bit difficult to obtain less latency in video playback from network. Even, to achieve less than a minute boot time was a challenging task in this project.


  • Encrypted 1080p MPEG2 simple profile outdoor media player
  • Only remote control facility to Skip/Forward/Stop/Start the video
  • Ability to playback encrypted videos over LAN
  • Automatically scan supported media files from USB mass storage device and playback
  • USB mass storage device
  • Supported interfaces:
    • USB Host
    • HDMI video port
    • IR based remote
    • Ethernet port
  • Small form factor outdoor HD video media player


  • Developed prototype on Raspberry Pi – BCM 2835 using RaspBMC OS with XBMC distribution
  • Optimized Linux boot-time and achieved 2-3 secs of Boot-time
  • Designed and developed windows based GUI app for SD card flashing
  • Developed encryption algorithm to play videos only from known SD Card / USB drive
  • Designed algorithm to scan USB drive and auto play encrypted videos
  • LAN network based server/client auto play videos on each media player
  • Designed and developed IR remote to Start/Stop/Forward/Skip the videos
  • Designed product mechanical Enclosure