Network Monitoring Solution Using ELK Stack

This project involved gathering data of network usage and analyse in real time. This helps in monitoring and managing daily usage and proper management of the network to ensure that network is smooth and running.

Aim of the Project

The main aim of the project was to monitor network usage and manage it properly. It also includes daily usage with reports containing upload & download usage, email, FTP and data usage. In order to manage the network usage, analysis and display (dashboard format) of gathered data in chart format was also major requirement.

The Challenge

One of the challenge was to implement the complete solution in very short duration and little bit of difficulty was to gather data from multiple network sources.


  • Used in to monitoring the companies network data like top applications, FTP, social media, email, data usage & uploads
  • Generates various summarized reports for predictive analysis
    • Top email and domain usage
    • Top content
    • Top file uploads
    • Top webusers
  • Using Logstash, add filters and fragments the data according to the criteria and stores in Elasticsearch
  • Using Kibana, visualize the data in Graphical Charts like Pie chart, Line chart, Bar Chart, Tabular graph
  • Easily visualize the geographical location data in map


  • Implemented ELK Stack Solution for Network Monitoring
  • Perform Real-time Network Monitoring and Analysis Using ELK Stack
  • Build API to collect data from network and store in elastic search
  • Configured Logstash to filter and analyze the data
  • Configured Kibana to visualize the data
  • Build custom dashboard to visualize the data in graphical presentation
  • Validation of various rules
  • Deployment support