Open Source Platform to Develop Embedded Applications for IoT Devices

Client Overview

A leading open source scripting platform provider for embedded systems, and making connected devices evolve faster.

Business Challenge

Implementation of device portable framework for enabling firmware experts to build applications using JavaScript. The existing framework has following challenges:

  • Slow scripting application performance when ported on hardware platform
  • Making scripting apps for devices accessible even to novice programmers

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS firmware experts helped the client build a framework which can be ported on Marvell based devices with the following:

  • Device firmware updates
  • Interaction with sensors and other external hardware
    • Porting Linux kernel version 2.6 to 3.14
    • Porting of driver applications from user space to kernel space
    • Support for Drivers – LCD, Touchscreen, PWM, MMC, PMIC

Benefits Delivered

VOLANSYS delivered following benefits:

  • Enhanced speed and simplicity
  • Improved interoperability with various devices