Platform Design – Hdmi Stick

The client wanted custom solution that can be plugged into standard HDMI port of TV, a HDMI Media player that can decrypt movie content saved in the HDMI stick and can play movie. Hardware support for enough memory to store at least one encrypted movie of 4K resolution was required.


The aim of the project was to understand client need and provide him total solution – hardware and firmware – that can fulfill his need of preventing piracy of movie content saved in hardware and can be plugged to any display unit that supports HDMI input port.


The client wanted the solution to be very handy (compact and portable) that can be plugged to HDMI port of TV and required few hundred Gigabytes of memory to save encrypted movie content. The custom hardware design to meet this expectation was a biggest challenge.

  • A mobile and video centric HDMI media player
  • Standard HDMI interface and Compact & handy design
  • Store Up to 4K resolution movie
  • Encrypt movie while saving in HDMI stick
  • Decrypt movie while playing
  • Quad core cortex A53 cores up to 2.0 GHz
  • Internal, DDR, GPU, and flash memory, trusted boot and security
  • Support UHD 4K encoding/decoding, H.265, H.264 and 1080p
  • Provided HDMI2.0, CVBS output, up-to 2 channel camera input, USB, 10/100/1000 M Ethernet, Dolby digital sound
  • Understand the client’s requirement
  • Designed and developed complete Amlogic S905 based HDMI media player
  • Designed compact and prominent solution using HDI (Blind / Buried Vias) technology
  • Implemented algorithm for 4K video encoding / decoding security
  • Implemented and integrated external storage elements like external HDD and local network
  • Develop Android application
  • Designed mechanical product enclosure
  • Support to ‘n’ tier customers with queries on platform
  • Testing with 4K TV