Saas For Multi-Sports Events

The Commonwealth games of 2010 were held in capital of India – Delhi. It was necessary to create a software platform to allow mobile phone users to get the latest updates about the events, live video, news, SMS, etc. VOLANSYS understood the requirements and created complete platform including the mobile apps. The software supported about 3000 handsets including Android, J2ME, Blackberry & iPhone. The live video was streamed over 2G network. Mammoth content squeezed in the application with different sections like CWG, Delhi City, Entertainment, downloads & Sports Zone. The integration was done with most of the India telecom companies for payment.

Aim of the Project

The Application software was developed to allow mobile phone users to get the latest updates about the events, live video, and news through SMS during The Commonwealth games of 2010.

The Challenge

This Solution Supports almost 3000 handsets including Android, J2ME, Blackberry & iPhone with common look and feel was the major challenge in UX UI Design and Streaming over 2G network was also one of the technical challenges in the project.


  • Broadcasts live events like, sports, news etc. over cloud to mobile and computer users
  • Support for all mobile platforms – Android, iPhone, Blackberry & J2ME
  • Live event broadcast repository is maintained on central cloud
  • Live video streaming over 2G network
  • Live Score & Medal Tally
  • Wall Papers, Theme Songs, Ringtones & Downloads
  • Delhi City Directory
  • CWG and Olympics History and medal Tally
  • Integration with major Indian Telecom Companies
  • J2ME Application support for more than 3000 handsets, Blackberry application and iPhone application over 2G Networks


We designed this solution in all platform to provide History of CWG including medal tally & 2010 CWG invent live updates. This was designed in cloud-based approach to support multi-OS client and streaming server for live videos. We built it on event based news feed updated about latest game updates and results.
Following list shows our contribution:

  • Complete Technology development services
  • Design & development of:
    • iOS app
    • J2ME app (for Nokia phones)
    • Blackberry app
    • Web App
  • Setup Live Video Streaming from Central Server to Client’s Cloud
  • Complete Design and Development for Sever side platform development
  • Implemented Payment Integration with most Indian Telecom Companies for billing
  • Created integration platform to collect and communicate with servers of Telecom companies
  • Creation of test plan and test cases
  • Functional, regression & system validation of the app for 3000 handsets across India
  • Integration with telecom companies