Video Screen Warping

The customer had developed a gaming zone which provides gamer a full 360 degree view of the game. The standard off-the-shelf projectors are designed to be able to project to a flat surface. When the surface is not flat the projected image is geometrically distorted. As the game was to be projected in a cylindrical dome, the image had to be warped so that it can be perfectly viewed on a curved surface.

Aim of the Project

Screen warping is required to change 2D image view into a 3D effect with circular 360 views so when player see the screens, it feels like standing between ground fields. Screen warping was also developed to cover 360 cylindrical and 270 distorted vertical views to 180 seamless vertical views with 45 angles each direction.

The Challenge

Graphics card based extended mode projection and convert multiple monitor’s horizontal field of view to cylindrical 360 degree views was the challenging job in generating a warping effect. Theoretical math calculation of 450 (5 projector * 90 field of horizontal angle) projection to 360 degree field of view warping was a major challenge in warping configuration.


  • Complete Windows PC based Solution
  • Virtual 3D Game Played in a Cylindrical dome on a Treadmill
  • 360⁰ Game View on Projectors
  • Human Body Walking, Running Tracking
  • Wireless Gun Shooting Tracking without Mouse Pointer
  • Special Jackets with Shooting Effects for Soldier
  • Project image on curve surface and warp it so that it can be viewed correctly
  • Multi-monitor display to provide a 360 degree view to the gamer
  • A flexible control to change settings of warping using user friendly GUI
  • User can change the warping while running the application
  • Calibrate the colors according to the projector settings
  • Control the color density on the edges
  • Ability to do soft edge blending, bit masking, fading
  • Warping of mouse cursor


We developed user interface to warp the surface. User can warp/de-warp projection using utility applications developed in C++ technology. User can also set contrast and brightness, depth to provide single projection effect even though projector brightness is different due to age of lens. The Edge blending solution was provided to smooth projection overlapping area and create a smooth transition of projection as single image.
Following list shows our contribution:

  • Designed and Developed Game Prototype from Concept
  • Implemented Algorithm for Human Walking, Running and Shooting Tracking
  • Designed and Developed “Warping Software” to Warp 5 Projector 90⁰ Views to 360⁰ View using Microsoft’s DirectX Technology
  • User friendly GUI development
  • Designed and Developed Mathematic Algorithm that Converts 3D Human Body and Gun Real Time Co-ordinates to 2D 360⁰ View Co-ordinates on Projector
  • Integrated Circular Treadmill on the floor for Running and Walking Tracking
  • Designed and Developed IR Sensors Based Algorithm for Tracking
  • Integrated Special Jackets for Shooting Effects Feedback to Soldier
  • Quality Assurance
    • Functionality Testing
    • Performance Test