SDK Development for Next-Generation Switching Silicon offering Open Source Interfaces

Client Overview

A leading US-based switching silicon manufacturer targeting network switches for enterprise IT infrastructures and data centers.

Business Challenge

  • Ability to initialize, configure and manage SDN enabled programmable ASIC
  • Easy integration with proprietary or open source NOS and multi-device support  
  • Support to SAI, Openflow and new networking protocols on demand
  • High availability for uninterrupted operations
  • Dataplane programming with open source language
  • Multithread protected design

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS developed SDK for a programmable ToR Switching Silicon with the stated requirements.

  • Designed and developed SDK
  • Support in parser for more than 20 networking protocols
  • Device driver development for PCIe, I2C, CPLD, and MDIO
  • Development of layers for configuration and management of Serdes, MAC, and Ports
  • DMA support in both user space and kernel space for packets to control plane
  • Code autogen tools for optimizing the development cycle
  • Integration with SAI 0.9.6 and 1.2
  • Designed and developed backend code within P4 compiler for packet parsing block
  • Designed and developed test framework to validate P4 grammar and backend code
  • Developed an auto-generation script in Python to generate target-specific APIs of SDK based on P4 output JSON file
  • Prepared POC to check feasibility of having P4-Runtime with ONOS and its integration to the SDK

Benefits Delivered

  • Faster time to market for switching solution providers by enabling open source interfaces – OpenFlow, SAI, P4, and more
  • User-friendly parser profile generation tool for seamless support of new protocol
  • SDK compatible to run in both kernel and user space