Smart Air Quality Monitoring And Control System

The client was a tablet coating manufacturing company that came to us with an issue of fluctuating air quality at the plant. This was resulting into respiratory discomfort among facility workers, leading to grave facility problems including slow operations and high machinery maintenance time, finally bringing down productivity at the plant.

Aim of the Project

We aimed at coming up with an intelligent air monitoring and control system that would enable people in the production facility stay notified and in case of rising dust and CO2, take appropriate measures to restore a stable air composition. To a certain extent, the system would also be capable of controlling air composition, thus protecting facility inhabitants from the constant botheration of staying on alert.

The Challenge

We had to basically take care of tactful integration in this project. Everything was available to us in tits-n-bits. Bringing together those unrelated pieces, while ensuring that all these parts work in tandem with each other as a complete system, was the most difficult thing to handle.


  • System can control and monitor dust, humidity, temperature and Co2 level
  • Air-Data system is working on specific frequency on secured channel
  • Cloud engine generates various summarized report for predictive analysis
  • Intelligent system helps patients to avoid conditions that cause cold, cough and other such diseases


  • Designed custom hardware using Mediatek’s “LinkIt One” Platform
  • Design and developed application to collect Sensors data and send over cloud on regular time interval
  • Designed and developed mobile application as well as web console application
  • Integrated client private cloud to store various parameter data
  • Real time parameters monitoring and controlling of the Air quality conditions, historical values and forecasts
  • Generates reports of air quality statistics data using various data analytics parameter
  • Apple’s compliance guidelines and deployed application on Apple store