Smart Industrial Hat
Client Overview

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Business Challenge

Smart safety solution that can protect workers from industrial work-related accidents by:

  • Audio, video, and geolocation based live assistance
  • Alert based warning system for collision prevention with moving objects
  • Control system that can prevent unauthorized entry
  • Identify the precise location for any fall incidents
  • Monitoring the industrial worker’s physical conditions
  • Determine hazardous climate changes

Developed a Smart Industrial Hat that safeguards workers by providing:

  • Remote guidance by communicating real time with video transmission
  • A sensors based system that can detect the proximity of an object
  • Establish contact with nearby workers in case of the need for emergency help
  • Constantly checking the physical condition of worker for any occurrence of irregularities in the body
  • Identify changes in the environment in case of radiation, gas leaks or chemical exposure
  • Software Engineering
    • Application development and enhancement
    • U-boot and kernel porting for TI base platform
    • Porting of Sensors (CO, Heartrate Monitor,9-Axis IMU, Temperature) driver
    • Yocto Project based BSP (Board Support Package) development
    • Performance optimization
Benefits Delivered
  • Enhanced many features for heart rate monitoring and CO detection
  • Improved connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi driver porting
  • Optimized performance and enhanced features by supporting CO, heartrate monitor, geo location and temperature sensors