USB-Ehci Driver For PXE Boot

The client is a supplier of BIOS software supplier. The client wanted to create a USB based solution to install operating systems on the devices so that they can install/trouble shoot issues over network. The device is used in PXE Boot ROM to install/deploy the operating system in various handheld devices from Network server using USB-EHCI USB-Ethernet adapter. The solution also supports backward compatibility with USB-OHCI based (USB 1.1) along with to USB-EHCI based (USB 2.0) solution.

  • Auto-discover the PXE server into LAN and start PXE boot process as soon as power-on
  • Should work on both OHCI as well as EHCI based on the host capability
  • Should recover from link don or link failure
  • Should work on X86 based CPU
  • Developed USB-EHCI driver for PXE Boot ROM for X86 series of CPU
  • Integrated the new EHCI code in a way that it allowed backward compatibility with UHCI and OHCI
  • Developed driver in complete X86 Assembly Language such that it does not use any external libraries or C libraries
  • Performed initial development and testing with ASIX AX88772
  • Interoperability for multiple type of Mother boards and USB Host Controllers